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Welcome to Tekna Solutions, your number one source for all things digital. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of software and web application development, with a focus on innovativeness, business process automation and cyber security.

Tekna Solutions has come a long way from its beginnings in the information technology industry and has gained valuable experience. We now serve customers all over South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, UK, Australia and other countries in the world. We pride ourselves in being passionate creative experts in the tech field who have an eye for excellence.

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What We Actually Do

We believe every business is unique and as such requires unique tech solutions that will boost productivity and efficiency. Our first step is to analyse your business processes and current tech implementations.

Development of custom software, web application, mobile application or website becomes the second phase. This gives your business a competitive advantage and improves service delivery. Tekna Solutions also has ready made ERP systems that can be deployed to run your entire business electronically.

Our work does not end there, we also offer maintenance and technical support to keep your operations running smoothly.